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Me and My Therapist Talk About You Motel Keychain

Me and My Therapist Talk About You Motel Keychain

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Me and My Therapist Talk About You Motel Keychain!

This simple red keychain reads "Me and My Therapist Talk Shit About You" in white cursive and block lettering! This 1.75 x 3.5-inch acrylic keychain is finished with a silver split keychain for easy attachment!

The best keychain to upgrade your keyring! If you and your therapist are always chatting then you need this keychain! Such a unique saying to throw in the mix! The perfect keychain for anyone who's a low-key hater when they're with their therapist! Let everyone know you tell your therapist everything with this keychain! Such a funny design to get all your friends laughing! Give your keyring some personality with this amazing saying! Such a simple yet important message to spread! This keychain is the best reminder that no one is safe from shit-talking! This keychain would look so good on your backpack, purse, or keyring! The best accessory to elevate your everyday look! Keep track of your keys with this incredible keychain! Give your keyring some personality with this keychain! The bright red color is bound to stand out on your keyring! 

Gift this fabulous keychain to your bestie who tells their therapist everything! This keychain is a great gift for teenagers or college students! A great keychain to make your friends laugh! If you're looking for a simple gift any girl would love then this shit-talking keychain is it! Such a cute and practical gift that can be used every day! If your therapist is your best friend then you need this keychain! Gift this keychain to your mom, sister, or even grandma to make them laugh! Give your friends a fun little gift with this hilarious saying! This keychain is a great birthday or just because gift! Pair this keychain with a few of our car coasters to give a great gift! You can even grab this keychain and one of our unique greeting cards for any occasion! Check out our whole collection of keychains, we have a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes! Designs include icons, patterns, foods, animals, sayings and more! Choose your favorite keychain so you can walk around in style!

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