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Never Leave Me Pickle Jar Magnet

Never Leave Me Pickle Jar Magnet

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Never Leave Me Pickle Jar Magnet!

This rectangular magnet has a peach background and features a big jar full of green pickles with an orange lid! The magnet reads "Please Never Leave Me" in big black lettering above the jar and "I'm Too Weak To Open The jars" in burnt orange underneath! The magnet is decorated with little white star graphics!

This hilarious magnet is the best way to decorate your fridge! Let everyone know how much you love pickles! If you constantly have one hand in the pickle jar then this magnet is for you! Such a simple magnet with a very important saying! Let all your guests know they've walked into a pickle lovers house with this fantastic magnet! Such a fun way to spread a silly message! If you're looking for a way to spice up your kitchen decor this magnet is perfect! Hang up all your to-do lists with this magnet so you don't procrastinate! Get all your friends laughing when they read this sticker on your fridge! We know opening the pickle jar is hard and that's why you need that someone special to do it for you! If pickles are your go to snack then you need this magnet, especially if you can't open the jar alone!

Treat the biggest pickle lover you know to this fabulous magnet! This would make a great gift for teenagers or college students who love pickles! Such a simple and easy gift that will have everyone laughing! Let your special someone know just how important they are with this hilarious magnet! Gift this to your mom, sister and friends who love pickles! This would be an easy birthday or just because gift! Remind your guests of your love for pickles with this magnet! Pair this magnet with a few of our other funny ones so your friends can decorate their fridges! You can even grab this magnet and a few sticker to give a great gift! Check out our whole magnet collection! We have a variety of different designs featuring animals, patterns, icons, sayings, foods and more! Choose your favorite magnets to match your vibe!

This 2x3 inch magnet is covered in a clear protective mylar!

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