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Small Oval Opal Hoop Earrings

Small Oval Opal Hoop Earrings

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Small Oval Opal Hoop Earrings!

These adorable earrings have a unique oval shape! The earring has an opal look with a gold bar and backing! These hoops come in two colors pink and white!

The best hoops to upgrade your everyday look! These earrings would look so good in your earring stack! You can easily dress these earrings up or down! Throw on a pair of jeans and a sweater with these earrings and a claw clip for a comfy casual look! Or grab your favorite dress and these earrings for a fancy dinner! Such a simple piece to add spice to your outfit! These earrings can be everyday or staple pieces! These unique hoops have the coolest opal pearlescent look! Both the white and pink are very neutral colors that can match almost any outfit! These earrings are great for all occasions! If you love to have new jewelry then you need these hoops! A great way to create a classy and elegant look!

Gift your bestie these fabulous earrings! These earrings would make a great gift for teenagers or college students! Such a simple gift that can be used to create a stunning outfit! Treat your mom, sister, friends or even grandma to these fantastic earrings! If you're looking for an easy gift any girl would love these earrings are perfect! A great present that can be worn everyday! These earrings are good for birthdays or just because gifts! Let your bestie know how much you love her with a surprise pair of earrings! Why wear boring hoops when you could rock these better ones! These earrings are a simple and thoughtful gift that you can even give children! If your bestie loves jewelry then you need to give her these hoops! Pair these adorable little hoops with one of our bracelets to gift the perfect accessories! You can even grab these earrings and one of our other pairs so your bestie can have options! Check out our whole jewelry collection as well! We have bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings in different colors and designs! Choose your favorite styles to elevate your next outfit!

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