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Smiley Tin Candle

Smiley Tin Candle

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Smiley Tin Candle!

These adorable candles feature the cutest wax smiley faces and come in tin containers that reads "Nico Nico' which means smile in japanese! These candles come in pink, red and blue tins! The candles have white wax with either a pink, yellow or green smiley face in the middle!

These super cool candles have extra volume to them because the smiley pops out! These candles are the perfect gift for your bestie who loves cute candles! They come in fabulous tins that are reusable after you've burned the candle!

These tins would look so cute on your desk or table! The best candle to make someone smile! These smiley candles are 3.5oz and the perfect size to burn anywhere!

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