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So Sorry Greeting Card

So Sorry Greeting Card

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So Sorry Greeting Card!

This light blue card features the cutest little sad rain cloud with rosey cheeks, a little frown and blue rain falling! In the rain it reads "i'm So Sorry" in big blue lettering! This 4.25 x 5.5" greeting card has a blank inside for you to customize and comes with a brown envelope! Hand drawn in the USA!

The cutest i'm sorry card to cheer anyone up! This blue card connects with the saddest emotions! No better way to say I'm sorry then with this adorable little card! If you're feeling down for one of your friends then you need to give them this card! Such a simple way to let your friend know you're sorry! No matter what the occasion this card is a great way to express your sorrows! Such a cute and fun gift to make your friends smile! This adorable greeting card features the most amazing little cloud!  Why gift a boring card when you could use this one instead! Cheer your bestie up with this sorry card! It doesn't matter what you did after giving this greeting card you are bound to be forgiven!

Treat your bestie to this fabulous greeting card! This card is perfect for teenagers or college students always getting into trouble! This card is a simple and easy gift that anyone would love! This card is an easy way to show how sorry you are! This card is great for when you crash you friends car, they get broken up with, you accidentally steal their makeup or anything! No matter what you did this card will make everything better! Gift this adorable card to your mom, sister or even grandma to say sorry! Let your bestie know just how sorry you really are with this card! This card can be paired with a keychain to give a quick but sincere gift! You can even grab this card and a candle to give the best get well soon present! This card works for sickness, break ups, or any sad occasion! Check out our whole collection of greeting cards! We have a different style for every occasion! Designs include icons, patterns, animals, foods, sayings and more! Choose your favorite cards to give the best gifts this season!

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