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Trader Joes Grocery Bag Vinyl Sticker

Trader Joes Grocery Bag Vinyl Sticker

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Trader Joes Grocery Bag Vinyl Sticker!

This amazing vinyl sticker is shaped like a brown Trader Joe's bag! The sticker reads "Try Me Hoe" in red lettering with two red Hawaiian flowers! This 1.8" x 2.6" vinyl sticker is water and weatherproof!

The perfect sticker to get all your friends laughing! This sticker is for all the Trader Joe's Hoes! If you're feisty then this sticker is a must-have! The best vinyl sticker to spice up your notebook, laptop or water bottle! This unique grocery bag design is sure to make this sticker stand out! Add a touch of color to your everyday items with this amazing sticker! The perfect way to let everyone know that you’re a girl boss! If you make your own rules and don’t take anyone's shit then this sticker is for you!  A great way to let everyone know not to try you! if you absolutely love Trader Joes then this sticker is for you! The funniest play on words to get everyone laughing! A must have sticker to get everyone around you smiling! If you're a proud Trader Hoe then you need this!

Treat your favorite hoe to this fabulous vinyl sticker! A great gift for college students or teenagers who are low-key bitches! The easiest gift to get all your friends laughing! If you’re looking for a simple gift that any girl would love then this one is great! Gift this hilarious sticker to your mom, sister, friends or grandma who always shops at Trader Joes! The perfect gift for feminist girl bosses who are absolutely killing it! This sticker is perfect for birthdays or just because gifts! Pair this adorable sticker with a few of our other to redecorate your water bottle! You can even grab this sticker and one of our fun tote bags to give a great gift! Check out our whole sticker collection! We have unique designs such as patterns, icons, animals, foods, sayings, and more! Choose your favorite style to match your vibes!

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